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Counselling For Class 9th & 10th Students

Take the first steps towards a meaningful journey.Professional guidance and personalized support during your 9th & 10th class will not only align you with the right career option but also lead you to the perfect career stream.

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What students usually ask us. Frequently Asked Questions

Career counselling is the process of giving the and supporting with best career advice and clearing the confusion for putting the first step in the outer world and in an area of various new possibilities that is 10 th and then breaking the euphoria of fear of right career selection after 12 th . Avoiding the career confusions is must after 10 th and 12 th so we at counsel lab are the solutions for the fear of choosing the right career path and with a team of expert career counsellors we turn your dream into reality , you can rest assured that you’ll get the most reliable advice and guidance for your career .

The new career paradigm is characterized by ‘protean’ and ‘boundary less’ outlooks. A protean career attitude implies individuals taking responsibility of their careers and achieving fulfilment in it;  while a boundary less career attitude is characterized by a high mobility of individuals across organizations, industries and countries. These changes are visible in many ways; individuals are becoming lifelong learners, the concept of ‘gig economy’ is thriving and the traditional “three phase” career model of ‘learn, work and retire’ is being replaced by a more agile “multi phase” model of ‘learn, work, leisure, learn, work , leisure’ ..... learn!!

We at Counsel Lab provide expert counsellors for those who have a mindset for a dream but don’t have an idea about the first step and we are for those as well who are almost confused being in 10 th grade and want to decide which stream to choose and we for those as well whom has just completed 12 th grade and are entangled with the perfect stream to choose to build a dream career platform and being apart and unique from others so If you are not sure or confident of your career path and If you want to explore alternative career paths then we are here for you with a team of experts .

The time is always right to get a telescopic view of your strengths and capabilities which ultimately directs you to the right career. Mostly students who have recently entered class 10th or 12th can benefit right from the beginning. Therefore, it is best if you are always one step ahead of time. Career Counseling services can be effective if you start early. It equips you with informed choices for your long term plans. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays.

After 10th , a student can choose one of the three main streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. Each of these streams have different future prospects and career options.  If you are a student who has just completed class 10th, then it is imperative to get yourself acquainted with the scope of all the major streams and define your career path right from the beginning. Imagine selecting a stream without prior knowledge of its scope only to regret later and pursue a career you dislike! This is a common occurrence in real life! This has taken place with a lot of students who just went with any stream and landed into an undesirable career field.

As you are at the junction of which stream to choose and whose advice you should follow, we at Counsel Lab would suggest that you listen to no one .
You heard that right. Our career counsellors always tell students to have a practical approach towards making career choices.
The practical advice they give is:

• Get yourself aware about the scope of all three streams
• Analyze what really matters to you in all the above three
• Choose what suits best for you
• Take a decision

We at counsel Lab make sure whatever you decide or choose, we absolutely make you aware of its scope and its opportunities .
Therefore, all the streams have futuristic scope if pursued with utmost passion. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your capabilities. And this understanding is vital for class 9th and 10th students.

This is the stage where attitudes and beliefs about career begin to get formed. Thus, creating awareness of careers at this stage gives one enough time to explore their abilities and interests. This early exposure also helps one to avoid limiting their pool of career options, and choose from a wider range of opportunities.

Science stream is the most sought out career option for most students. After completing class 10th if you opt for science stream, you have the option to select either medical or non-medical science stream. There are abundant career opportunities for science buffs. If you have opted for the science stream and are curious to know more about its scope, we at counsel Lab makes sure your every doubt gets crystal clear .

Well the answer is simple... if you can afford it you should take it. The coaching centres help you with the pattern of exam and studies become more methodical but if you can do it yourself you can do without taking coaching also. And specially if you are not planning to give a particular entrance (like engineering or medical) then you can take individual/ group tuitions to suit your needs and prepare with last year’s papers etc

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