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Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of privacy in a person’s life. Thus, we at Counsel Lab ensure that your privacy is respected. This policy is restricted solely to the data collected through this site and not to the data collected from any other sources. This policy of ours’ outlines all the details about how we collect the information and how we make use of it, thus making us responsible for it.

Collection of data – Your Personal Information:

It is to be noted that, even if you (anyone) browses through our site without providing any of your personal information some data is collected considering your visit. The data obtained in this manner would not be personally related to you in any manner or will not be linked to you. The following information regarding your visit could be gathered and stored by us:

  • The type of browser used: the version
  • Your IP Address and the Operating System used
  • The duration of the visit and the different pages of the site visited
  • The source of visiting our website – the link used to reach our page and the address of that website

Any kind of personal information related to a visitor shall and will only be collected if it is filled by you, in the site at any stage. The personal data might include, your name, address, age, gender, telephone number, email address etc., and the page specific password. This might happen at various activities or various pages of your visit to the site, including registering for a programme, a request for information, leaving some comment at any point or participating in any activity event, held by the company (which might include survey, data collection for promotional activities, etc.,). However, at the point of data collection we would provide you the option of proceeding or not proceeding further.

We request you to not submit your personal information, by filling any form, in case you are not willing to share your data. Yet, it is to be noted that, we would not be able to share access to certain sites, products/services of the website without getting access to certain personal data of yours. In certain cases, we might ask information of your family members (mother, father, siblings etc.,) or the details of an authorized personnel and if such information is provided by you, the responsibility of informing the respective people about the same is held over to you and we rely on you for the keeping them aware of our privacy policy.

Usage of the Personal Data:

It can be used for various purposes limited to the following. Excluding this the data shared by you will not be used further or be shared with any other third party.

  • As mentioned earlier the data would be used to grant access to you to certain pages/ products/ services and features
  • To respond to your queries, complaints, requests and to keep you in communication about your activities on our site
  • To share it with related parties in order to facilitate various activities carried our or services provided, in connection with our website. In order to ensure your privacy we ensure that your information is not shared to any further party by our related parties by prohibiting them to do so.
  • To keep you update with the latest services being provided, improvements made in the services, and other offers from our side and also the offers from related parties
  • You will also be provided with choice of receiving or not receiving certain communications while entering your data depending on the requirements of the site. You can thus either opt in or opt out for receiving certain data. This is solely up to your own discretion and once you opt out of providing any such information, it wont be used in any manner. Thus, you can either opt out before providing some data or chose to opt-out when later communications are made to you, by contacting us. You will further not be able to participated to the related activities once you opt out.
  • To provide or disclosed for the law and regulation requirements, or for a court order and in case if any legal proceedings are required at any point of time in order to establish or defend our legal rights
  • To further use it as our terms and conditions might state some use of it
  • In emergency situations to protect public interest or national security

Collection of Additional Information/ Cookies

In some cases, when you open our site, we use the cookies to enhance your user experience and to provided tailored content to make it interesting to our users. This is done remembering your personal settings and certain technical and non-personal information like your IP address, your internet service provider, frequency and duration of your site and page visits. The cookies used by us would be session and persistent based. Session based cookies exist only during one session and they generally disappear from your computer once; the browser is closed or the system is shutdown. Persistent are the opposite and they remain. These help us track the number of visitors on our website. No personally identifiable information is obtained in this manner. Some of this on personally identifiable information could shared with our partners or marketers or other related third parties. (This will not include any personally identifiable information unless permission provided). The use of cookies by certain third parties might subject to their own privacy policies. You may set your computer browser to disable cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If you disable cookies, we may be unable to optimise your visit to our website and certain features may not be available.

Data related to Children/Minors:

The privacy of children is of utmost importance to us. Our website is operated in compliance with all the laws applicable to minors (with relevance to us) and satisfy the jurisdiction. Parent consent is mandatory for children using the website and providing any personal information. It is kept in control by us to not ask any children for any more information than the ones which are reasonably required by the website for activities. The data collected from the children underage will not be used without the parent/guardian’s consent (even though the participation in some services might not be possible due to the same). A parent/ guardian can review, remove, change or refuse further collection or use of their child’s personal information by contacting us as provided below (include child’s name, address and e-mail address).

Site’s Jurisdiction/Applicable Age: United States, Australia & New Zealand: Under 13 years of age. Other Jurisdictions: Under 8 years of age.

Changes to this privacy policy:

Changes may be made to this policy from periodically. You will be notified of substantial changes to this policy either by through prominent notices such as a statement on the homepage or an email notification on your e-mail address registered with us.

Contact information:

If you have any questions about this policy or about this web site, please feel free to contact the site administrator.

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