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Career Counselling is the process of giving advice, support and guidance for selecting the right career path for example right career stream after class 10th, the right degree, college after 12th and right career path during or after graduation. Career confusion and indecision can affect you at any stage of your career, thus it is important to get the right support to resolve it and plan ahead. Counsel Lab's Experts & Career Counsellors let you explore different career options, their scope, colleges and opportunities, and help you make the right career choice.

Career Guidance takes the benefits of psychometric career assessments and career counselling to the next level. It is the process where a career expert helps you on your path to career development and career success. Being successful in a career takes extensive efforts, and with an experienced coach/mentor, your career development efforts can find the right direction. Counsel Lab's Career counsellors provide career guidance by building customized career action plans and road map, direct you back to the right path, provide personalized 24x7 support, and help you at every step along the way to a successful career.

We believe that parents have an integral role to play in their child's career decision-making and future, especially at this young age. Thus, we encourage parents to be involved in the process, and take inputs from them during the counselling sessions to gain a better understanding of the child.

Counsel Lab follows the unique approach of career guidance such that every small requirement of student is satisfied. We are the only platform in India that provides every service absolutely FREE of cost without compromising the quality. This definitely differentiates us from our competitors

That would depend on the partnership model you select. If it’s a school-sponsored initiative, it would be compulsory for all students. If it’s a parent-dependent initiative, only those interested in seeking career guidance can participate in the session.

While assessing your current career counselling solution, here’s a list of questions you should be able to answer affirmatively:

  • Does your career counsellor use a reliable and holistic psychometric assessment created for Indians to help them understand their core interests, personality traits and abilities?

  • Does your career counsellor have a certification in career counselling as well as their psychometric tool?

  • Does your career counsellor know everything about all the 12,000+ career options and can help the student/parent choose?

  • If you’re doubtful about your career counsellors fulfilling any of the above criteria, you could upgrade your current counselling setup by seamlessly integrating the Counsel Lab's Solution as a part of its service

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