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Why is Career Counselling an urgent need for Schools?

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Guidance helps an individual to make the best choices among all the alternatives, while counselling helps them change their perspective. In today’s world, which is dynamic, continuously growing, and have a lot of opportunities; career counselling or career guidance is an urgent need for schools. This will make their students more aware and ready for their future.

Why choosing a career is so difficult?

Many Students gives a lot of time in taking a career choice. The thought of becoming successful, living a life which they ever dreamed of, and to fulfil expectations of family and society, makes them feel stressed. 

All these decisions are difficult to take. Because it can make or break the ladder to a happy and successful life.

Now the question arises. Should people choose careers based on income or choose to do something what they are passionate about?

There is a popular saying that if one loves what they do, they will never work a single day in their life.

In today’s world, where path breaking innovations are happening in every hour, lifestyle and trends are changing continuously. Due to which there are plenty of career options available for students to take.

Finding a career option which will match the personality of the student and fulfil his/her desires and aspirations is not an easy task.

Hence there is an urgent need for students to get proper career counselling at the right time. So that they can get thought clarity and start early to move in the right direction after selecting an idle career path.

Why Career Counselling?

As a student, we get stuck so many times to make a decision and seek advice from someone who is more experienced than us. Be it to ask from parents for whether to go for a trip or not? or to ask teachers for choosing the right subjects, or even getting confused for choosing between so many flavours of ice cream.

Similarly, for choosing the right career path from so many options, in which you do, what you want to do; which suits you the best, according to your personality; in which you have to spend your life and live happily; It becomes crucial to take career counselling from someone who is more experienced than you. So that they can help you to choose the right career path.

Why Career Counselling is urgent need for schools? 

Picking a career comes only after picking a course. So, if a student does not pick the right course, it would affect their career choice for sure. There are nearly 5 lakh students dissatisfied university students, and if we talk about close circle then out of 3 students 1 student is unhappy; with the course choice that they picked. That why career counselling is an urgent need for schools.

Students tend to generally follow the path of their successful peers. Or they take advice from their small circle and get very limited exposure in terms of available career options and industry demands. This is mostly influenced by popular career choices and that might not help them to reach the same destination. To make sure that students have thought clarity; career guidance must always be made available for students; while they are in high school and above to get expert advice at the right time, in the right way to fulfil the urgent need of counselling.

Recent Stats shows that 92% of students do not get any career counselling or career guidance from their school. Even though CBSE guideline has made the appointment of counselling professionals mandatory for schools to have them on board have made it compulsory for schools to have counsellors, but there is still an urgent requirement for career counsellors to satisfy the need because right now only 3% are able to show that they have appointed career counsellors.

How can Counsellors help students?

A student always searches for a person who can listen to them and understand him/her completely. Who can also understand their situation and help them with moral support to deal with the environment; which is constantly changing around them.

The counsellors listen to the problems at the student’s side and know the actual reason behind their problems. Hence, a counsellor can help in the elimination of the gap between students and teachers.

The career counsellors not only provide counselling to the students; but also assist them in processing out their problems and plan the career goals along with their academics. So that the plan executes successfully.

Decisions made in High School have the capability to make or break a student’s career. Career counsellors have the expertise and they are well trained to understand students thinking and their potential. 

Once the potential of a student is understood; the counsellor can guide the student to the best career suitable to him/her which also aligns with their interest. Counsellors help them make the decisions that ensure career success in the desired and well-selected field.

How to choose “The Right Career Counsellor” for providing career counselling and guidance to students?

Finding the Right Career Counsellor for counselling students becomes very important for schools. This is because it is a life-changing opportunity for the students. 

If you Google ‘career counsellor’ then millions of results will come, and you get stuck in deciding whom to choose. Also, you may get trapped by the marketing techniques of different counsellors which are not up to the mark. So, you may start finding an answer to the question “How do I know which one is right for me?”

Here are some ways by which you can find the perfect career counsellor for you; and will be able to fulfil the need of career counselling.

  1. Look for Official

Hiring a career counsellor is way different than hiring other professionals, like hiring a doctor or a teacher. There is no official licensing agency for career counsellors; which is why you will find a wide range of experts with varying levels of quality, with the different level of claims of their expertise. Due to this, it is important to do proper research before hiring a person who will provide career guidance.

But still you can find some certified professionals for you:-

  • Career counsellors can receive certification through the International Coaches Federation (ICF). 
  • Find a coach through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARCC); which also offers certification to the professionals. 

These Both organizations allow you to search for licensed career coaches on their websites for free. You can make a bucket list of your requirements and choose the right fit for you.

  1. Use Proper Reasoning and Logic

Just because a counsellor has a certificate from above mentioned or some other verified organizations does not necessarily make them better than others. There are still plenty of good coaches, who provide great career counselling , but they lack certificates.

So, make a proper questionnaire and ask about their previous work, expertise, their achievements with clients etc. Use proper reasoning and logic to access the credibility of the counsellors. However, finding any old career counsellor will not suffice the work; you must also find someone who fits your needs and understands your students’ profile.

  1. Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Since career counselling is incredibly personal; a personality might work well for some other bunch of students but could turn out to be a disaster for your poll of students. That is why it is suggested to find a career counsellor that specializes in your areas of interest. Keep in mind that a counsellor who have expertise in life living skills; will not help in career guidance or giving proper career counselling to your students.

Picking the right career counsellor is indeed a tough job to perform. And when it comes with the life of students, it becomes harder. However, by following these tips you will be able to find the right fit for your requirements. 

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