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Benefits of having the best free Online Career Counselling in Vadodara

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Many of us could be stuck in life while choosing a career in different stages of life. Whether you are in 10th, 12th, graduation, or waiting for a free job alert. To land on the desired career path; we need someone to guide us to get what we want. Hence, having a free Career Counselling in Vadodara can help you in getting your desired career path.

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Why Career Counselling?

Career today has seen the dynamic change in the available career options. That changed the mentality of students as well as professionals. This makes it very difficult to decide which skill set, one should acquire. Also, which will remain relevant. These skill sets help them to outshine in the current market scenario.

It does not matter whether you are in 10th, 12th, in graduation, or looking for a job. In every scenario, you need proper career counselling. Its high time that schools need to realize the need for a career counselling center in school. For instance, The CBSE has also given guidelines on similar lines.

If you are in 10th then you need career counselling to choose right stream. That should be according to your personality and interest. Being in 12th you need career counselling for choosing right course. Also, if you are part of Graduation, then you need career counselling. This will help in choosing ideal career path from all possible options. Lastly if you are looking for job then you need career counsellor. Moreover, they help or building CV or updated free job alerts.

Here the role of certified career counsellors becomes critical. Therefore, taking career counselling in Vadodara or somewhere else; from someone who is more experienced than you can turn the table around. They can help you to choose the right career path. In addition, they also guide you in the process.

How Online Career Counselling could be best?

Online career counselling is the need of an hour. It can be better than a career counselling centre. COVID-19 pandemic changed the trend and made most of the study online.

In a similar fashion, if you are looking for career counselling in Vadodara; or in any other part of the country then Online career counsellors might be the best. Few benefits can be:-

  • They can easily be accessed from anywhere
  • Are relatively cheaper.
  • Can provide 24*7 support
  • Can connect with top experts and professionals from whole world etc.

About Counsel Lab

Counsel Lab is a free personalized online career counsellor. It provides best career counselling in Vadodara, India.  Counsel Lab not only provide you best career counselling. Moreover, it also gives you tailor made solutions according to your personal needs.

Counsel Lab is a team of highly professional counselling experts. Along with them they have, subject specific experts, and industry experts. Above all, They also have psychologists and management students. All of them are highly motivated. They deliver their best to the people who need career guidance.

Why Career Counselling in Vadodara by Counsel Lab is the best choice you can make?

Counsel lab is backed by 45+ credible mentors. They create a tailor-made solution for all the clients. Using these personalized solutions and guidance along the whole journey; they can discover their career in which they can be happiest, successful, and satisfied. Above all, the proud of making an informed decision will always be there in their heart.

Counsel Lab caters to students of every age group or every domain. All of them could get the vision and assistance to ace their career related goals by the free counselling sessions.

Counsel Lab, through online mode; provides best free career counselling in Vadodara. It provides 24*7 supports to students. Moreover, it helps them resolve their career related doubts on one to one basis.

Counsel Lab uses best of technology in its site to cater needs of students. For Instance, Smart chat bot gives instant reply to any of the query of students. Social media presence is in all domains. Be it, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn etc . All of them gives it high reach and visibility.

Advanced Career assessment test

  • Advances career assessment test by Counsel Lab is unique. It helps to know the best career or stream recommendations for a student. Similarly, this gives detailed analysis by understanding the personality of the student and his career interest. Apart from analysis, it also gives a personalized development plan for the students.

Experiential Learning Activities

  • Counsel Lab helps to find the best possible career option. It uses case study problems. This is done by matching with daily schedules and work style. Moreover, it accounts motivators, academics, and more with your specific insights.

Personalized Guidance from Experts

  • Counsel Lab helps you to connect with trained Career Counselling experts. These experts help students along with their parents. All for giving more personalised career options. These sessions evaluate student’s strength and opportunities and bring the best out of child.

Exclusive Counsel Kit’s and other resources

  • Counsel Kit and E-magazine have the data of whole industry analysis. In Addition, it contains best career practices, trends, career counsellors etc. However, this not only helps students to get an overall understanding of the world around. But also keep them updated.

Using these resources; the experience students get is the best online career counselling in Vadodara.

Career Counselling Solutions by Counsel Lab

Counselling for 9th and 10th:-

Before starting a long journey, we must make the first move. Therefore, Taking the right Stream is very important in students’ life. Because career starts from this decision.

Counselling for 11th and 12th:-

The crucial years in which we must choose which course to taker after 12th . It depends a lot on our future endeavours. Therefore, these students must take career counselling.

Counselling for College Graduate:-

Whether to go for further studies or to do job?

This is one of the most confusing question among college students. This question must be solved with the help of an expert.

Counsel Lab helps students to take the right decision. By providing these services as part of its Free online Career counselling in Vadodara.

  • Giving Detailed insights about students that make them unique.

They have Programs like “Get to know yourself” and “Analyse your personality”. These helps student to find the inherent traits of themselves.

  • Assigning a personalized mentor.

This helps students to personally discuss their every thought and doubts. In addition to it, from a personal counsellor. Above all, Counsellors make sure to resolve them all and give a plan to student.

  • Building the attitude of success

They have Programs like “Implement and grow” and “Be ready for everything”. These helps students to gain confidence. Moreover, they help them to develop a positive attitude towards career.

Profile Builder by Counsel Lab

According to research there are 77% recruiters which rely on LinkedIn for hiring. 75% Resumes got rejected even before reaching the manager. However, 54% recruiters reject candidate based on social media.

For the job Seekers, Building Resume that will attract most of the recruiters. Getting shortlisted by most of the firms is much needed. For helping those Students or professionals Counsel Lab has a Free Profile Builder.

Counsel Lab provide free career counselling for building not only Resumes. Moreover, Social media profiles including LinkedIn can be optimised.

Services Offered Include:-

  • Free Profile checker:-

It checks your all social media profiles, and they give you suggestions for improving it. These improvements will help you to get your profile streamlined. These are with recruiters’ expectations.

  • Resume Writing Services:-

Resume Writing is the most important task for getting a desired shortlisting. Sometimes, even getting noticed. Counsel Lab experts helps you to relate all your experience with your resume. Moreover, these relations will help you to make CV pointers and hence get noticed. These sessions are 1 to 1 basis to make tailor made solutions.

  • LinkedIn Profile Editing:-

LinkedIn Profile optimization is much needed in the current scenario. The Recruiters are directly contacting the employees after screening their profile. So, if your profile is well optimised then you will surely find a good job. Counsel  Lab Provide full support to the job seekers to optimize their site to the best possible extent.

  • Online Presence Audit:-

As a job seeker you must have a good online presence. Also, you should be a part of some club/pages of your interest. Moreover, by doing so you can show your interest in the specific job profile. The Team of Counsel lab exactly helps you in that. For instance, they help you in connecting with the most relevant pages. Moreover, they optimize your online presence to the desirable needs.

  • Free Resume Checker :-

This Free resume checkers connects you with the personalized counsellor. With whom you can take the sessions for improving your resume on 1-1 basis. This will improve your credibility in the resume making.

The Resume Writers are professionals who have a lot of experience in resume writing. These Resumes can also beat the BOT present in the ATS system. So, you will get a ATS friendly resume which can go through any website. Hence, help you in getting the desired job as soon as possible.

These counsellors are Industry experts. They can provide best free online career Counselling in Vadodara, India. Moreover, you can access to Counsel Lab from any part of the country. Get started for taking its benefits for free.

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