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We conducted a survey of 2000 students of different educational background to understand the stress and pressure that they go through. Most of the students were identified as having problems in deciding their career paths. We also associated few problems with these students, less understanding of the field, parental pressure and peer pressure being some of them.

       As career counsellors, we are all aware of the grave dissatisfaction caused in individuals by not being in the right front, career-wise. The students are the bright, young future and we would like you to help us, help the students to grow into happy and successful individuals.

       We, as India’s First Free Online Counselling Platform at Counsel Lab, offer you to join your forces with us. If you are a Counseling Expert, Subject Matter Expert or a Post Graduate Student or Professor who agrees with our views and shares our passion of helping the students achieve what they deserve, you can help by volunteering in this movement.

Help us get to know you better.

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