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Career Guidance for Class 12th Students

What are your career and course options after 12th?
Which subjects should you select?
Build aspirations and clarity of intent with Counsel Lab’s solution.
Enter into professions that you will be delighted about.

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What students usually ask us. Frequently Asked Questions

You will select the right course during graduation by getting clarification about your future career. Say your job requires you to follow a course after 12th, which comes with a rigorous test. Knowing a Class 11-12 level will help you prepare accordingly for the entrance exam. Also, even if you're in the wrong direction, it's easier to take the correct path now and get back on the right track than taking wrong decision after 12th

An aptitude test only tests a person's basic skill in a particular field to succeed. It asks you, to put it plainly, what you should do, but it doesn't find anything else. In the other hand, a psychometric evaluation analyzes the key areas of interest, personality characteristics and skills to recommend you the best career path.

Wow you're already in class 11 and you're getting closer to a job. You can take aptitude testing between 14-18 years of age at any time. Also, there are many career choices available even after choosing a path, and the combination of aptitude and personality needed for those careers are different. So take the test and see for yourself how to move with your dreams

We believe parents have an integral role to play in decision making and the future of their child's career. We also urge parents to be active in the career counseling process for 10th and 12th class students and to be present with their child in the career counselling sessions.

It is most likely that a student is going to be unsure about their future and how to determine which path is right from them. It will profit greatly with career advice after the 12 th students. Counsel lab offers career support resources for students preparing what to do in the graduation process. Students will select the best career direction for them with Counsel lab's psychometric evaluation and one to one career planner therapy session. Therefore a student from a variety of career fields should consider the best career opportunities after 12th. Informing a 12th grade student about this is critical to get informed about various opportunities available in different career fields.

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